GMG United is made of a visionary team, dedicated to a common goal and committed to being one of the best platforms in the world to bring you unparalleled passion for academics, athletics, and lifetime cultural experiences.

We are a tight community that cares about your future and development as an individual. We genuinely have the best intentions professionally and interpersonally, and our honesty, caring, and energetic culture are the keys that make us a unique team to be part of.

We are strongest as a company when we all share the same passion, values and integrity.

We want to be different. We want to bring more than the highest industry standards. We want to create unforgettable experiences and programs. That’s why we are always seeking amazing people who can join our journey.

If you want to be one of our international agents, coaches, brand ambassadors, student counselors, travel leaders, or to be part of a management position, then this is the opportunity for you to be part of something special.

Send us an email with all your details so we can review your goals and aspirations as well as your work and life experiences.